Pioneer cohort inducted to Bitmain’s Ant Training Academy for industry’s first accreditation course for miner maintenance

SHENZHEN, 15 July 2019 – Bitmain, the world’s top 10 and China’s second largest fabless chipmaker, has inducted the pioneer cohort for the Ant Training Academy (ATA) to officially launch the industry’s first accreditation course for miner maintenance.

“Until now, education around miner maintenance was limited to what industry participants could ‘hack’ together. The Ant Training Academy is part of Bitmain’s continued commitment to improve cryptocurrency mining standards, encourage more sustainable practices and bring credibility to the industry,” said Jiang Zhihua, Bitmain’s Global Marketing Director.

Ant Training Academy Opening Ceremony

ATA’s Maintenance Training Course is designed to educate maintenance personnel for mining farms on how to install, operate, and repair mining equipment. The course runs for a two week period in Shenzhen, China.

The first 16 participants enrolled for this quarter were inducted to ATA’s Maintenance Training Course in an opening Ceremony in Shenzhen where they will be trained by Bitmain’s Senior Engineers of the Antminer Brand.

Successful course participants will qualify for a “Certificate of Accomplishment”, which will include an assessment of their skill level. ATA course certificates aim to be a global standard for cryptocurrency miner maintenance. High-performing participants will be awarded certificates of Excellence and Top Performance.

Ant Training Academy Programme

“Getting the maintenance process right helps to extend the lifetime of cryptocurrency mining hardware. But right now, it is difficult to find the right resources to help one to upskill. I look forward to taking ATA’s course as it’s practical, will save us the cost of sending miners for repair and would shorten the timeframe of miner downtime in the long run,” said Tang Huihong, a technician at a company selling second-hand miners.

Full programme details for ATA’s Maintenance Training Course can be found here.

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